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Can you avoid a DWI educational program?

One of the main punishments that comes with one or multiple DWI offenses is attending a mandatory DWI intervention program. The Texas Department of Licensing and Registration chose to create these classes to encourage repeat offenders to learn more about the negative side effects alcohol can have on motorists and educate them on the state’s traffic laws. The type of class you take and the length of it is dependent on how many offenses you have.

While these classes are out the result of good intentions, they can still serve as an inconvenience for those trying to readjust their lives after a major accident. Those facing potential DWI charges should learn about the court’s regulations on these classes and if it is possible not to include them in the conviction.

Understanding Texas’ medical marijuana laws

Texas is known for its harsh enforcement against drug violations. While some states have made changes to lessen charges on marijuana and in some cases make it legal for recreational use, Texas has remained adamant on punishing nearly any signs of usage or possession of the drug. Depending on how much you allegedly carried and what the supposed intention was, you could be facing years in prison and owe thousands of dollars.

In recent years, Texas established the Compassionate Use Act to offer some leniency towards people who require marijuana for medical purposes. However, it has heavy limitations over what conditions apply. If you need medical marijuana for certain injuries or diseases, it is crucial to know whether the state allows you to possess it.

How is paternity established?

Not all men who are told that they are a child’s father agree with the mother. Even if they agree, they will still need to take legal steps to be granted rights. Determining who a child’s father is can be critical for several reasons, aside from obtaining legal rights. For example, a family’s medical history can be critical when it comes to the birth of a child. Genetic diseases can be inherited and affect a child’s health. This is just one of the reasons that establishing paternity can be a necessity.

How is paternity determined? Can someone be forced to submit to a paternity test? After all, just because a father is listed on a birth certificate does not mean that they have legal rights. And until paternity is official, a court may not order a noncustodial parent to pay child support. What options are available to fathers?

Charged with illegally bringing foreign nationals into the U.S.?

The feds are conducting sweeps to charge individuals with alien smuggling. Thousands of individuals are convicted every year, many because they lacked knowledgeable defense.

If you’ve been charged, there’s a good chance you’ve been caught up in one of these sweeps. When that happens, you need experienced counsel to defend you against the charges.

Alien smuggling charges can lead to severe consequences

Non-residents need to have a visa or other documentation to gain legal entry into the United States. It can be a crime to help someone gain entry into the United States if they don't have legal authority to be here. This is true whether the person being assisted is a loved one or a complete stranger.

Alien smuggling entails helping someone enter the United States that isn't legally allowed in the country. Alien smuggling is a federal crime, and it can carry severe penalties if convicted.


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