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Can you avoid a DWI educational program?

One of the main punishments that comes with one or multiple DWI offenses is attending a mandatory DWI intervention program. The Texas Department of Licensing and Registration chose to create these classes to encourage repeat offenders to learn more about the negative side effects alcohol can have on motorists and educate them on the state’s traffic laws. The type of class you take and the length of it is dependent on how many offenses you have.

While these classes are out the result of good intentions, they can still serve as an inconvenience for those trying to readjust their lives after a major accident. Those facing potential DWI charges should learn about the court’s regulations on these classes and if it is possible not to include them in the conviction.

Potential waives

The court is open to hearing any potential conflicts you have with the programs. The judge can consider waiving the program if you demonstrate you have good cause through a written motion. Some of these causes can include:

  • How the program will impact your school or work schedule.
  • If your health conditions will allow you to attend the program.
  • How far you would have to travel to attend the program.
  • If you are out of state or do not have immediate access to transportation to attend the program.

If you know that any of these factors would impact your ability to make the program, you need to let your attorney know so they can help you prepare your written cause to present to the court.

Equivalent education

The state judge will also waive the educational program requirement as long as you can receive education from a similar program at a residential treatment facility. According to state article 42A.4045, some of these substance abuse treatment facilities include:

  • Substance abuse felony punishment facilities operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice
  • Community corrections facilities
  • Chemical dependency treatment facilities

One critical aspect that you need to keep in mind is that all of these facilities need to be approved by the government and follow state codes to count as an equivalent educational program. If you are looking for any local locations to make transportation easier for yourself, make sure you ask officials on the site if it follows government regulations.

If you do not find the most convenient option and you do not complete your required education within the judge’s time period, the Department of Public Safety could revoke your license and potentially prohibit you from obtaining a new one. Not all the penalties included in DWI charges can be easily completed by everyone, so it is important to contact a criminal defense attorney that can help you explore your options and help you lessen or erase any potential severe penalties you could receive from a DWI arrest.

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