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Suspected car thief involved in car chase

Just after midnight, Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies received a call about a stolen automobile. The officers then spotted the reported vehicle on Interstate 35 South. They tried to pull the driver over, but the driver sped off.

The driver fled on foot

The driver led the deputies on a miles-long chase, until the driver reached an exit and pulled off. The theft suspect abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot.

The deputies used a stun gun

The law enforcement officers used a stun gun on the suspect, and that ended the chase. The suspect was charged with vehicle theft and evading arrest.

Car theft is considered a serious crime in Texas. The value of the vehicle also affects the charges. If you are accused of stealing a luxury automobile, you may face stiffer penalties.

Joyriding is a felony

Someone who takes a car without an owner’s consent can be charged with joyriding. The difference between theft and joyriding is the accused planned to return the vehicle. Despite these plans, joyriding is charged as a felony. You can receive up to two years in prison and be forced to pay $10,000.

Vehicle theft can mean serious jail time

If convicted of motor vehicle theft, you are facing from 180 days to ten years in jail. You may have to pay a $10,000 fine.

A person accused of evading arrest in a vehicle faces stiffer penalties than someone fleeing on foot. It is also charged as a felony. If convicted, you may be sentenced to two years in prison.

If you stand accused of vehicle theft, it is crucial you craft a defense strategy that could prevent jail time and significant fines. Particularly if you face multiple charges, you want a skilled legal defender on your side.

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